Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

trick-or-treat safety tips Raleigh Moms Blog

So what are you going to be for Halloween? It’s the biggest question all the kids are asking these days! Right around the corner is probably every kid’s favorite holiday…well, besides their birthday or any other holiday involving presents or candy. Oh, the simple joys of childhood.

For us parents, Halloween brings up some slight concerns regarding our little ones and safety. Let’s face it, traveling door to door at night does increase our heart rate a bit. So here are a few tips I like to consider on the big night.

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Know Your Route
Be your own GPS! OK, here is a confession. I have the worst sense of direction. I get lost in my driveway. Literally. I’m convinced it’s a disease. I am addicted to my GPS (well, and coffee, but that’s not news) and always feel safer when I have an idea of where I am going. Trick or Treating is no different. Make sure your group knows your route and it will help you stay together even with those slow walkers.

Stay Bright
One of the biggest differences I noticed after moving here was how dark it was! My previous world was way more urban and street lights lined the sidewalks. These vast expanses of darkness are new to me! So, if you do not live in a well-lit area, create your own light! It will help you keep track of your group and see where you are walking, to avoid any accidents. We like to head to the $1 store and stock up on glow jewelry! Attach it to your kid’s candy bag, their costume and yourself. Not to mention your pet. Keep them lit so others see them, avoiding trampling furry feet and tails.

Check That Candy
We have what is called “Veto Rights” in our house. Yeah, OK, it’s for us to steak out the good stuff…but it’s also for safety. We like to inspect the candy, checking for any opened wrappers or non-original wrappers.

No Masked Vision
Is that Darth Vader? No, it’s Corey! He’s hiding behind that mask. But, if we can’t see his face well, chances are he can’t see us. Tell your little Storm Troopers, pirates and princesses to remove masks when crossing the street. If they question, tell them the force says to do it.

trick-or-treat safety tips Raleigh Moms Blog

Chief Poppy says…
Our boys have an awesome “Poppy” who happens to be a retired Fire Chief. Yeah, I know, my kids have grown up visiting the fire house, where they would ride the engine and enjoy spaghetti night with the “Boys” as my oldest called them. They are beyond lucky! I had them ask Fireman Poppy any Halloween advice and he reminded the boys to not wear loose costumes or if you have one, keep watch while walking around lit pumpkins on porches. Lots of houses have lit candles this time of year and it’s best to be mindful of flames.

Halloween is such a fun holiday for our little ones! Their faces light up when they get to put on their costumes. And the candy! Who doesn’t love candy? Just keep these tips in mind and your night will be nothing but the crazy, fun night it’s supposed to be! Happy Halloween!



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