Behind-the-Scenes of a Toddler Swim Class At Goldfish Swim School in Cary

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Behind the Scenes of a Toddler Swim Class At Goldfish Swim School in Cary - Raleigh Moms BlogAs a mom of a young toddler, I was excited and nervous about taking my little guy to swim lessons. Feelings that every toddler mama has I’m sure. However, Goldfish Swim School in Cary put my mind at ease and our experience at this year-round indoor swim school was nothing short of wonderful! We were so fortunate to have a fantastic instructor help guide us throughout our first swim class.   Read on below for a behind the scenes look at our experience and some of the highlights!

Developmentally Appropriate Swim:

My little guy, Louie, wasn’t a huge fan of the water during our initial class. Some tears were definitely shed. It didn’t last long though. Goldfish Swim School in Cary offers a very play-based environment where the instructors sing catchy songs and play interactive games that help kids become engaged and build confidence in the water.

Behind the Scenes of a Toddler Swim Class At Goldfish Swim School in Cary - Raleigh Moms BlogLouie loved singing water-themed songs and practicing his kicks while trying to catch balls or Bubbles (the Goldfish Swim School mascot.)

Behind the Scenes of a Toddler Swim Class At Goldfish Swim School in Cary - Raleigh Moms Blog

Goldfish Swim School has the best ride-on swim toys for your little ones!

Another favorite activity which helped mediate the tears was riding in the foam canoe with a buddy– they have so many awesome swim toys! At the end of that first class, our swim instructor assured us that consistently returning to class would help him be more comfortable, and guess what– she was right! Speaking of, we had the same swim instructor who helped build his trust and confidence in the water. With the guidance, support, and patience of our Goldfish Swim School instructor throughout the six weeks of swim classes, Louie was becoming more and more comfortable getting in the water and participating in all Goldfish Swim activities. This mama was so proud and excited for her little boy!  

Family Friendly:

Every time we walked through the door at Goldfish Swim School in Cary, we were greeted with smiles and a warm welcome. The facility is always clean and the decor makes you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation which helps lessens the stress of getting in the water that some toddlers experience.

The changing rooms are large and even include a bumbo in case you need to sit your little one down while you get changed. The bathrooms are filled with extra diapers, wipes, and anything you would need in case you forgot to bring it – there are even swim diapers you can purchase. What I’m trying to say is-this a very family/child-centered swim facility which makes it a perfect place to take your littles!

Behind the Scenes of a Toddler Swim Class At Goldfish Swim School in Cary - Raleigh Moms BlogIf you’re not in the water with your child, there’s a viewing gallery for parents to relax or watch their child swim. Classes are offered for children 4 months and up.

Extra special features:

  • Bathing suit dryer – yes please!
  • Shiver-free pool-no matter the time of the year, the pool is always warm!
  • Snacks from the snack shack!
  • Coloring, toys etc to keep kids entertained while they wait or siblings.


The most impressive part of Goldfish Swim School in Cary, is the paramount importance given to safety. In the swim area, you will always find a deck manager walking around the pool to make sure everyone is safe and counting the children. For Family Swim time, they make sure the pool is prepared before anyone enters and lifeguards are on deck. They also provide small class sizes (4:1) which give the instructors the opportunity to focus on each individual child and establish relationships and trust.

Toddler Swim Class at Goldfish Swim School - Raleigh Moms Blog
If you’re looking for a swim school where your child will be supported to learn at their own pace with fun and engaging activities, then Goldfish Swim School in Cary is it! The instructors and owners are incredibly knowledgeable and prioritize safety above all. Goldfish Swim School in Cary made our first swim experience a memorable one, and now we’re looking forward to summers at the pool!


*Family Swim time is an open swim time offered several days of the week, these are for members and non-members*

Ready to get your little ones swimming? Goldfish Swim School in Cary and Goldfish Swim School in Wake Forest are providing year-round indoor swim lessons to Triangle area families. Learn more below and contact the Goldfish Swim School near you. 

Goldfish Swim School CaryPop-Up Playdate at Goldfish Swim School in Cary, Raleigh Moms Blog, located at 2980 Kildaire Farm Road in Cary, serves families in the Apex, Cary and Morrisville area. Goldfish Swim School Wake Forest, located at 14660 Falls of Neuse in Wake Forest, serves families in Wake Forest, North Raleigh and surrounding areas. Both locations offer a wide range of swimming classes for all ages and skill levels at times that are convenient for every family’s schedule. Families can register for lessons by visiting the website or calling 919/435-3753 (Wake Forest) or 919/635-8950 (Cary).

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