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Teacher Appreciation Week - Raleigh Moms Blog

Whether your child’s school participates in a week-long celebration of teachers, or one fabulous day, it is extremely important to show teachers appreciation. Coming from a background in early childhood education, I can truly say that teachers work hard and most do not receive adequate compensation for this worthy job.  To add to my argument in teacher’s defense, most teachers really love teaching children, and the moment when they know the child “gets it” makes all of the off the clock hours rewarding. 

How can we show our appreciation to teachers in a way that is thoughtful, yet not over the top, or construed as some sort of bribe for good grades?

  1. Think Summertime. By June, teachers are ready for a break. Gift idea: a fun beach towel and a bottle of sunscreen.
  2. Teachers love to read. This is a fact. Gift idea: a gift card to your favorite local bookstore, or gift card for e-readers. 
  3. Monogram it! Gift idea: monogram a notepad and pen set, beach bag, cloth lunch sack, tote bag, reusable shopping bag, or toiletry bag for summer travel. 
  4. Make them cry. Gift idea: Take a photo of your child and in your child’s words, write down what they love about their teacher. 
  5. Caffeine. Teachers need fuel. Gift idea: Skip the mug (teachers have too many of these), and purchase coffee shop gift cards, quality coffee beans, tea, or any other favorite caffeine source. 
  6. Gift idea: Chocolate. Enough said. 
  7. An evening out. Now that vacation is here, teachers want to relax. Gift idea: movie theatre or restaurant gift card.  
  8. Organize the classroom. Teachers put a lot of effort into making the classroom look great. Gift idea: gift cards to office and organization stores, if she/he uses a paper planner, buy one for next year with a nice pen. 
  9. Relaxation. Gift idea: homemade bath salts, a gift card to a local spa, or pre-pay for yoga classes at a nearby studio. 
  10.  Greenery. Gift idea: most teachers are too busy to garden during the school year. Make up a nice pot of plants for her/his front door. Your child will be remembered all vacation long!

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