Saddle Up With Brush & Bridle!

Track out is coming up for our family and I’m always on the hunt for a camp that will get my kiddos out into the fresh air and give them an experience beyond the traditional camps they usually attend. 

Recently I came across Brush & Bridle, a unique horseback riding camp nestled right in the Southwest corner of Wake County. This camp goes beyond the traditional horseback riding program and teaches the kids the joys of riding along with the responsibility and appreciation that goes into bonding with these majestic animals. Brush & Bridle’s experienced and qualified staff take campers on a fun-filled day of learning and taking care of horses while mixing in a daily horse-inspired art activity centered around their riding experience.

I have a kiddo at home that loves art and has always had an interest in learning how to ride a horse.  Coming across Brush & Bridle was a perfect opportunity to explore all the fun that camp had to offer.  So, I went straight to the expert, Kelly Howard, the owner of Brush & Bridle.  Kelly took some time to answer my questions and share the ins & outs of a camper’s experience

What does a typical day at Brush & Bridle look like for your campers?

“We start off each day with a “five-minute fun fact” on horses, then our day moves to the horse.  We spend individual time with each camper and their horse teaching horsemanship and trust building with their equine, then we RIDE!  (All instruction is catered to the individual and their experience level.) 

Campers have lunch and then participate in a craft by Kitty.  All crafts are horse-inspired and super fun. Crafts can consist of painting horse shoes, building and decorating brush boxes, tie-dying t-shirts, painting a real live horse & much more. Each day ends with a different farm chore so campers get a taste of what it takes to care for horses and the property they live on.  Some examples are scrubbing water tubs, cleaning stalls, adding bedding, or stacking hay. Our final minutes of the day are spent grooming the horses which is both a benefit to the camper and equine.

Brush & Bridle teaches the importance of Horsemanship. What is it and how do campers benefit? 

Horsemanship is the “art or practice of riding on horseback”. We believe that good horsemanship starts on the ground.  We teach campers how to handle their horse safely and build trust with them BEFORE they get on their backs.  We spend time studying the horse’s behavior and reaction towards us. This practice benefits both horses and campers by inviting both trust and safety for human and horse.

Do kids have to have experience with horses to attend camp?

No, campers can be beginners!  We invite all kids ages 7-14 with all experience levels.  We assign each camper a horse and cater instruction time to the individual.

What do campers need to bring with them to Brush & Bridle?

Campers only need to bring a lunch each day.  We provide helmets. Boots are not required but encouraged.  If the camper doesn’t have boots, then tennis shoes may be worn.  We also provide t-shirts for each camper.

What are the dates and pricing of Brush & Bridle’s Track Out Camp?

Track out camp is held Monday-Friday from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. and costs $350.  Track out camp dates can be found on along with all registration and release forms.  For more information call (919) 699-6016 or email [email protected]

Where is Brush & Bridle located?

Brush & Bridle is located at Green Ring Stables, 3700 Friendship Rd., Apex 27502


Raleigh Moms Blog is always excited to share local camps & activities. Thank you to Brush & Bridle for partnering with us to bring this information to our readers. We only partner with sponsors that will bring the most value to our audience.

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