Preschool Alphabet Activities We Love!

Having access to fun, educational activities is a great way for your child to learn while they play! Below is a list of some of our favorite alphabet activities for our preschooler. We keep them all in a basket where he can grab whatever he wants when he wants to play!


  1. Melissa and Doug Alphabet Magnets – What parent doesn’t have a refrigerator full of alphabet magnets? If you don’t, I can’t recommend them enough! Magnets are a great way to keep your kids entertained while you cook dinner and a wonderful learning tool! We love the Melissa and Doug magnets because they are adorable and very well made!


  1. Petit Collage Alphabet Art Cards – These adorable cards serve two purposes! They make great wall decoration in your child’s room, but also great flash cards. There’s many designs to choose from in adorable modern art and they come printed on thick, high quality paper.


  1. Melissa and Doug Water Wow – If you haven’t tried Water Wow they are every parent’s dream and every child loves them! No mess and reusable, what’s not to love? The alphabet design lets your child practice writing their letters over and over again.


Preschool Alphabet Activities


  1. Peaceable Kingdom Alphabet Go Fish – Go Fish is such a great game and what better way to practice letter recognition than with an alphabet version! I love the size of these cards, perfect for small hands and they’re durable enough for play again and again.


  1. Pairs in Pears – This may be one of my favorite alphabet purchases. These tiles are made by the same company as Bananagrams, but are a little larger with 4 tiles for each letter. Each letter is also represented in 4 different patterns, a great way to practice patterns as well! We love to do a letter hunt to see who can find all 4 letters first, but the possibilities are endless!


  1. Leap Frog Letter Factory – Leap Frog makes great educational toys and the Letter Factory may be our favorite! Each letter has a song that teaches you the letter name and the phonetic sounds that go with it! I love these newer version which allows you to store all of the letters in a bucket.

What alphabet activities are your favorites?

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