Ladies Love Football!

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I always find it interesting, that most football articles seem to be about football moms and their sons. Well, guess what? We have 4 daughters – and they love football! We even have three 2-year olds, and they are often sitting right beside us on Sundays and Monday nights – watching right along with us. 

Football Creates Lasting Family Moments

Some of our best family moments are because of football. My husband, Kevin, and I have taken our oldest, Ronni, to college and professional games, and we usually make it a big event. For example, the first time we took our oldest to a pro game was the Carolina Panthers versus the Philadelphia Eagles. (We’re definitely a house-divided – as I’m a huge Panthers fan and Kevin is die-hard Eagles fan.) We made a quick family road trip to the Carolina Panthers’ stadium and stayed in the city the entire weekend. Our family wore our team gear, and made sure Ronni experienced the tailgating life, hours before the game. Only true fans know that the pregame is almost as important as the game!

Our daughter was game ready – prepared with Eagles tattoos, stickers, designs on her nails AND jewelry. We spent the entire game talking football with each other and strangers – cheering for our favorite teams, eating and singing our team’s fight song. We had a ball!

Watching Ronni high-five, dance and crack jokes with strangers with one common interest, was wonderful to witness as a parent – especially with her being so young. The fact that she was engaged, asked questions about plays, calls, and players, as well as enjoying the camaraderie with fellow football fans, made Kevin and I proud.

As a woman and football fan, it warms my heart that my girls are already enjoying the game. As a dad of 4 daughters, I asked Kevin, what he thought about our girls loving football. People always assume he’s not going to have these experiences with all girls, but it’s quite the contrary.

“Watching and enjoying something I’ve loved more than most things since I was a child, and sharing it with 4 little spirits that I love more than any in my entire life, is euphoric.”

– Kevin, Dad to 4 amazing little girls.

We all watched his Eagles win their first Super Bowl, with all of the girls by our side. Even our two-year-old triplets were clapping and cheering. I’m sure they had no clue why – just excited that daddy was excited, but they were enjoying themselves nonetheless.

In addition to watching games, when Kevin decided to coach a youth football team, Ronni was there with him most games. While there, she practiced with the team, watched games, and stayed by his side during all the events.

One thing that I love as a parent, is if any of my girls decide to play (Yes, girls play too!), there have been SO many technology advancements made to football. For example, the dependability and performance of helmets has become exceedingly popular to research, and numerous tech companies are developing new and improved helmets to make the game even better.

Football affords us the opportunity to spend time together as a family, not only just having fun, but also showing the girls the importance of sportsmanship, solidarity, and teamwork. Hopefully, the valuable lessons learned through our family’s love of football will carry with them throughout other aspects of their lives.

What are your favorite football memories?

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