Keep Your Preschooler Engaged In Learning This Summer With These Fun Activities

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Summer Learning with Your Preschooler - Primrose Schools, Raleigh Moms Blog

We started Primrose School when our daughter was just an infant. I loved getting photos of her during the day and seeing how engaged she was in activities – even as a baby. I then took time off from work between her 1st and 2nd year to stay home with her. When I went back to work last year however, there was no question in my mind where we should enroll her! 

She has been back at Primrose for a little over a year now and we have been overjoyed with how much she is thriving there as a preschooler. From the caring staff and teachers, to the sweet little friends that she has made, we have had an overwhelmingly positive experience.

As we head into the summer months, I am looking forward to longer days and taking plenty of extra time with my daughter to just let her have fun and be kid. We have cleared our weekends to make sure that we celebrate summer with lots of pool and beach days, messy ice cream faces, and dirty little hands and feet soaking in the tub after a satisfying day of backyard expedition. 

I am also looking forward to being able to combine some fun learning activities into our summer fun. As much as she loves to run around, wild and free, our little girl loves participating in structured activities. 

Primrose Schools understands the importance of helping parents purposefully build in learning activities and experiences over the summer to keep young minds active and engaged. From fun ways to incorporate science and math to outdoor adventures like nature walks and catching fireflies, this list of suggestions from Primrose will be a go-to resource summer long:

Fun Summer Learning Activities for Kids & Families

It’s not magic…it’s Science! Try this easy science project from Primrose Schools with your child and discover what makes it bubble.

  • Science Fun: These how-to videos provide easy science experiments that little ones will love! Make a bubbling potion, learn how ducks stay dry and explore weather with rain cloud and tornado in a bottle activities.
  • Encouraging outdoor math fun and 5 math games for toddlers: While parents don’t typically associate math with fun, there are plenty of ways to incorporate math concepts into everyday activities you’re likely already doing with your child, such as snack time and trips to the grocery store.
  • Cloud dough and colorful mystery mess: Engage your child in sensory learning with these fun-to-make activities. There’s a good chance you already have the ingredients for cloud dough and mystery mess in your kitchen!
  • 9 activities to make the most out of summer with your child: Here are several fun, stress-free activities that you’ll both enjoy! Get out in the backyard with a sprinkler or make homemade popsicles. The important thing is that you’re making memories together (and your child is exploring and learning along the way!).


Summer Learning with your Preschooler - Primrose Schools, Raleigh Moms Blog We’ll be filling our family time with some of these suggested activities from Primrose in addition to keeping our little one enrolled throughout the summer, as we both work full-time outside the home. We’re excited to see how we will incorporate her summer learning into our weekend travel and adventures!  

Which activity on this list from Primrose will you be trying out with your little one this summer?






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