Holiday DIY: As Seen on Pinterest

The most wonderful time of the year is here! And there are so many fun things on Pinterest and so little time and for me, talent, to try them all. Here are a couple of holiday DIY projects that I have found to be easy enough. Hopefully you can learn from my experiences.

Christmas Ball Wreath

This wreath looked easy enough – mainly because I had all the material at home already. I am often impatient when it comes to crafts. If I see it and like it, I want to do it right then and there. I don’t always follow all the directions because I am, as I mentioned, impatient, so I would suggest following Cynthia’s tutorial: Christmas Ball Wreath.


  • This was an easy, quick craft. It could be done in 15 minutes, depending on how basic you leave it. 
  • You only need holiday balls, wire coat hanger, and a bow. (Cynthia used a couple more supplies).

Holiday DIY Raleigh Moms BlogCons:

  • It takes 40-50 balls. Way more than I thought I would need, and since I am impatient, and I decided to only use red, I ended up using every red ball ornament in the house. My tree is now devoid of all red balls. Also, I had a box of glass balls. This was a bad idea. You should only use SHATTERPROOF ornaments especially if you have children whom occasionally break the “no throwing things inside rule.” 
  • Also, this makes the wreath heavy, so this happens:


So it takes some time to pop the balls back onto the toppers, and you have to be careful moving the wreath. Perhaps this was just mine? Cynthia mentions that she hot-glued her balls in place. I ain’t got time for all that, but maybe it would be helpful.

Overall, I am happy with the end result. The next time I was out, I did buy a couple of sprigs of greenery to spruce up the top of my wreath. 

Final product:

Holiday DIY Raleigh Moms Blog

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Holiday DIY Raleigh Moms Blog


This Pinterest project can be found on I thought this would be a great project for the kids to do and give as gifts to their grandparents. One of those thoughts was correct…


  • It is super easy to get the materials: inexpensive cookie cutters, scrapbook paper for backing, ribbon for hanging, craft glue.
  • The kids were engaged.
  • Grandparents were happy.
  • The end result pretty much looked like the picture on Pinterest.


  • Again, perhaps it was me, but we had some trouble with the intricacy of our cookie cutter designs… it made it very time consuming to cut out. And I really didn’t want the edge of the paper to hang out all messy-like from behind the cookie cutter.
Holiday DIY Raleigh Moms Blog

Deceptive! Too many curves (unless you aren’t going to be picky about the paper).

Holiday DIY Raleigh Moms Blog

Easy to trace and cut around

Holiday DIY Raleigh Moms Blog

Easy to trace and cut around

  • Our glue was not very effective. We had to do a lot of re-gluing.
  • Take care of the ribbon for hanging BEFORE you glue… we did not do this and had to re-glue yet again.

If you have time, use some non-intricate designs, and some better glue, this is a cute craft and is doable. I have purchased more cookie cutters to attempt again!

Happy Holidays and good luck crafting!


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