Fun Foam Experiment from the ABC 11 Science Club

With chilly temperatures settling in, my students (aka my younger children) and I were starting to get the itch for some excitement in our home school lessons since we’re spend more time inside. Although our science readings for the day focused on biomes, I decided there was nothing wrong with veering off-course a bit in order to try-out one of the experiments I’d watched on ABC11 Science Club.

After watching the Club’s video on how to make foam, I decided the experiment looked interesting so I downloaded their PDF file of instructions. Together the children and I read through the directions, but then we decided to alter them. We opted for a 2 liter bottle instead of the smaller one used in the video and we simply guessed at the amounts/ratios of ingredients needed to cause the reaction.

ABC11 Science Club Raleigh Moms Blog

Our first attempt was less than thrilling as the foam didn’t quite reach halfway up the bottle. Of course, since science is all about testing and observing this gave us more incentive to keep working to produce an effect. My son tried stirring the contents and then gently shaking the bottle, but ultimately we just had to increase the amounts of hydrogen peroxide, soap and yeast.

ABC11 Science Club Raleigh Moms Blog

ABC11 Science Club Raleigh Moms Blog

The children (okay, me too) had a fun time laying aside our regularly scheduled lessons to make some foam. It did require a bit of patience on all of our parts since we changed the ratios and misjudged the amounts that would be required to create a reaction, but I suppose that was a bonus since we can always benefit from exercising our patience skills. Overall, we were pleased with the outcome of our science class and I’ll definitely earmark the website as a good educational resource to remember.

ABC11 Science Club has a host of these kid-friendly experiments available. Why not set aside a few minutes from your routine and put them to the test?



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