Five Great Playgrounds In and Around Raleigh

Bored with your local neighborhood playgrounds?  Most of us moms tend to head to the same parks/playgrounds all the time, usually due to proximity or convenience.  I, for one, am totally guilty of bringing my son to the same park all.the.time.  However, I am trying to be more adventurous, as there are truly some gorgeous facilities in the local Raleigh area.  Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather, and give some of these playgrounds a whirl!

Five Great Playgrounds In & Around Raleigh

1.  Baileywick Park– Located in the Lake Lynn section of North Raleigh, this is a fantastic park for toddlers.  A woodchip surface covering the playground is perfect for those inevitable toddler spills.  In addition, there are two separate playgrounds, one for the toddler set, and one for slightly older children.  With brightly colored slides, swings, and a sandbox, this playground is reminiscent of playgrounds from my childhood.  

2.  Kids Together Park– This playground can be found in Marla Dorrel Park in Cary.  Kids Together has three separate play zones for different ages, including a fenced-in preschool play area.  There is also access for those with mobility issues, providing wide ramps and pathways for those who may require wheelchairs.  (There is even a wheelchair accessible sand table!)  Other features include playhouses, sandboxes, and a climbable dragon sculpture.

3.  Sassafras All Children’s Playground at Laurel Hills Park– Located near Crabtree Mall, off of Edwards Mill Road, Sassafras currently holds the title as Raleigh’s largest playground.  This playground was designed for children with physical impairments.  Bright colors appeal to those with visual needs, and equipment allows children with mobility issues to easily access the playground.  Modified swings and zip lines ensure that most children can be active and explore, regardless of any limitations they may have.  The downside?  Being the largest park, it can be difficult to keep track of many children at once, so be aware that you likely will be chasing around after your little ones.

4.  North Cary Park– A large park located next to a greenway, this park is perfect for long walks with your family.  A playground, complete with a couple of large slides and climbing boulders, make this a great place to bring a budding rock climber.  North Cary Park also features a sand volleyball court, and several different fields and basketball courts.  

5.  Jack Smith Park– Located off of Penny Road in Southeast Cary, Jack Smith is a relatively new park, opening in the fall of 2016.  You can find two separate playgrounds for different age groups.  Bonus- the playground geared towards the toddler set is covered to shield kiddos from heavy sun exposure.  You can find another climbing fixture at this park as well.  If you are a dog owner, make sure to purchase a pass to the off-leash dog park.  But……the best part of this park?  The sprayground!  I took my son a couple of times when the park first opened last fall.  At two years old, I thought he was the perfect age to enjoy the splash pad.  FYI….the sprayground is set to open Mid-May, so plan on visiting this park to beat the heat!

It won’t be long before the brutal heat of summer is upon us.  Grab your kids, pack a picnic lunch, and head to a new park for the morning.  You never know….you may even end up staying all day!

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