Top 5 Educational Things to Do & See at the N.C. State Fair

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Photo Courtesy by N.C. State Fair

When you think of the N.C. State Fair what first comes to mind? Is it the rides, the food, the exhibits or maybe the midway games? If you’re like my family, you love it all! The State Fair is celebrating it’s 150th fair this season, and in celebration, we’re sharing how your family can enjoy all the fun that the fair has to offer while learning about North Carolina’s culture, history, and agriculture.

Top 5 Educational Things to Do & See During Your Visit to the State Fair

The NC State Fair is coming to town October 12th – October 22nd so don’t miss out. Keep reading on how your family can win a Family Pack of Tickets and more.

1. Go On A State Fair Scavenger Hunt

While you’re mapping out your next ride or midway game why not enjoy a scavenger hunt?

The State Fair already has two family-friendly Scavenger Hunts to choose from. Each you can either print off yourself from their website or pick up at the Expo Center. One is a general theme, and the other is a science theme. Explore the exhibits using your Scavenger Hunt learning about agricultural crops, local soil and plants, livestock and even the infamous pirate – Blackbeard. Once completed turn in your scavenger hunt in the lobby of the Expo for a ribbon. For those foodies & bingo lovers out there you can print off the “Deep Fried Bingo” card and explore each yummy fried treat during your visit. Learning can be sweet, too!

NC State Fair - Raleigh Moms Blog

Photo Courtesy of N.C. State Fair

2. Meet a 21-Foot Tall Talking Bear & Visit a Steam-Powered Sawmill

Tell your little ones to look for the 21-foot tall talking Smokey Bear during their visit. They can’t miss it!

Up the Hill from the Heritage Circle “Big Smokey” has been greeting fairgoers since 1983 educating families on the importance of trees and how to prevent forest fires. After you meet Smokey Bear visit the old steam-powered sawmill and learn how trees are turned into lumber.





3. Go Back in History at the Village of Yesteryear

NC State Fair - Raleigh Moms Blog

Photo Courtesy by NC State Fair

While at the State Fair travel down to the Heritage Circle and visit the Village of Yesteryear. Watch crafters spin wool into yarn, make pottery, carve wooden bowls & utensils, make instruments, furniture and more. Kids can even enjoy making their own stuffed doll to take home, too.

4. Visit a Dairy Classroom on Wheels

Ever wondered what a dairy cow really eats?

Stop by the Mobile Dairy Classroom between the Graham Building and Expo Center and learn about modern milking equipment and the ins and outs of a dairy farm. Teach your kiddos how dairy farmers are safely bringing all your kids’ favorite dairy products to their table.

5. Giant Pumpkins & Watermelons, Oh My!

NC State Fair - Raleigh Moms Blog

Photo Courtesy of N.C. State Fair

Taking your little one’s picture beside a humongous pumpkin or watermelon is a must-do at the State Fair, but being able to chat with the growers who worked hard to grow these massive horticultural attractions can make your visit even more special. Stop by the Expo Center and visit this oversized fun and have your kiddos chat with the growers on how they create these marvels.


Looking for more ways to keep your family learning during their visit at the State Fair? Visit 10 Educational Ideas for Teachers & Parents where you can use these tips on your next visit. Remember to stay-in-the-know of all the family fun happening at the N.C. State Fair by visiting their website.

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