Falling into Fall with DIY Kid-Friendly Decor and Crafts

Falling into Fall with DIY Kid Friendly Decor and Crafts

Look around and it’s beginning to feel a lot like fall around here. Pumpkin Spice lattes are out, planning for the NC State Fair is underway, Friday night lights with football are in full swing, and every once in a while a cool morning will surprise you.  Now it’s time to have some fall decor to spruce up the house.

Here are three autumn-themed crafts that are kid-friendly and for the whole family to get involved!

3D Paper Pumpkins

Falling into Fall with DIY Kid Friendly Decor and Crafts 

This is one of my favorite crafts to do with kids, even my middle school students get really into it: creating 3D paper pumpkins.  You can use any paper you want to, like construction paper, scrapbook paper, or even colored computer paper. Here I am going to use construction paper. 

  1. First, I take a sheet of orange construction paper (or any color of your choosing).  I cut a variety of strips. The thinner the strip (the more you will need), the more you can see into the pumpkin, and the wider the strip (the less you will need), the more dense your pumpkin will be.
  2. Now an option I have here and I do with my students in class, on each strip, I have them write 1-2 things that they are thankful for as a way to reinforce the idea of “gratitude” as we approach a busy holiday season.
  3. I have them fan the strips out to create a circle, creating a base by fastening them together at the base. I use staples, but you can use glue or tape as well. Then pulling up each strip to meet its other half, I fasten those together the same way.  This creates the circular shape to the pumpkin.
  4. Now to create the topper.  I grab a green sheet of paper, cutting off one or two strips.  I wrap them around a pencil to create a curlicue shape. I then fasten that to the top.  
  5. Now I would make a variety of shapes and sizes and create a pumpkin patch at your home.  Make the pumpkins your own, adding stickers, glitter, and whatever other festive elements you would like.  

Mummy and Ghost Garland

Falling into Fall with DIY Kid Friendly Decor and Crafts 

Another great craft to have in your back pocket as we go into the Halloween season is mummy garland or ghost garland.  This can decorate a doorway or hallway or where ever you would like to add a touch of “spooky” for your kids.

  1. For the mummy. First, I find a mummy outline, as a guideline for kids to follow.  You can have them use the outline as a tracer or just as a guideline as they create their own mummies.  Have them cut out their mummies. The more you have, the longer the garland.
  2. Next, give the mummy some eyes.  I like to use the googly eyes, but you could use stickers or draw them onto the mummy cut out.
  3. Next, take white yarn.  Cut a strip off for your child.  Let them wrap it around the mummy, leaving the space for their eyes.  Fasten the end of the yarn, so it will not come undone. You can use something like a hot glue gun, being sure to help your child so they don’t burn themselves.  
  4. Then take your mummies and string them along.  I like to use twine as a string but feel free to use yarn, thread, etc.  
  5. Now onto the ghosts.  To make the ghost, take a ping pong ball or something similar.  Wrap a tissue around, trying it at the base. Draw on some eyes and a mouth using a marker, the finer tip the better.
  6. Then you can string the ghosts along, or if you want to use both, have a pattern of ghost, mummy, ghost, mummy. Also, you can use some indoor/outdoor lights to illuminate your spooky creations.

Watercolor Leaf Wall Art

Falling into Fall with DIY Kid Friendly Decor and Crafts 

This final craft makes for great wall art!  

  1. Take a blank sheet of paper. Have your kid use watercolors to cover the whole paper in a variety of shades of color.
  2. Next find a leaf template online.  Take a second sheet of paper. Trace the leaf template and cut out from the second sheet of paper.  
  3. You will then attach on top of the watercolor creation.  This will then create the illusion of watercolor leaves.
  4. Buy some inexpensive frames and create a mural on one wall of your house.  

So as we fall into fall, I hope these kid-friendly decor ideas spark some creativity into your home.  All of these crafts can be modified to fit your family and your personality. They are also great group activities if you have an event coming up with your mom squad and children.  

Tell us in the comments below your favorite fall craft activity you enjoy with your family! Happy crafting, friends!

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