A Mom’s Catch of the Day Tale at the Eno River

A recent trip to the Eno River State Park provided adventure, surprise, and a little bravery, too.  If you’ve never been to the Eno River in Durham it is a beautiful setting every Triangle family should experience!

My daughter and I recently stopped at the Eno River for a much-needed outing in nature after a very busy morning of doctor appointments, running errands, etc. Moms, you know what that’s like!  Sometimes after getting those things done, we need to get out into the fresh air. Plus, as a photographer I’m always scouting new locations and going to the Eno River was a win for both of us!

Our Catch of the Day at the Eno River

Fresh air, sunshine, new discoveries…what’s not to love at the Eno River? It was a bit steep going down to the river, but we decided to give it a go. The trek was worth it. It was a beautiful shallow river with subtle white caps instantly easing tension and making us feel at home. We explored for a bit before heading back up the steep steps.

Catch of the Day - Raleigh Moms Blog

Can you believe this picturesque setting is not too far from us?!?


Catch of the Day -Raleigh Moms Blog

Our adventure at the Eno River.

Catch of the Day at the Eno River - Raleigh Moms Blog

Big Guy!


On the way up the Eno’s steep stairs, Miss Z says “Hey Mama, look at this big toad!”

He was a big guy and he didn’t even mind me taking a few pictures.

With smiles, she told me that it was our “Catch of the Day”.




All the treasures the Eno River was uncovering was making my sweet girl appreciate those precious moments of discovery.  I quickly took a photo of our “Catch of the Day” – a Toad at the Eno. 

After finding our Catch of the Day we wanted to try the other trail on the Eno River that headed to a footbridge. We walked along a trail for a bit with Miss Z skipping ahead. 

Suddenly, she let out an abbreviated scream and there she was, frozen with fear.   

I looked up and saw it. Snake! 

I gathered myself and looked at my daughter and then realized that she was unable to move. I calmly moved her backward (like a #mom) and determined that it was a Copperhead snake. 

And so we waited.   And waited.

Catch of the Day - Raleigh Moms Blog

Copperhead Snake

And waited for this poor snake who was also very surprised by us to finally decide to continue on his way up the bank of the Eno River. Guess he had places to go!

{Don’t let our snake experience deter you from visiting this beautiful location. This is a lesson of being aware of your surroundings. Use our post on Snakes: What You Need to Know to stay in the loop on how to identify snakes in the Triangle.}

We were almost in the clear, but we had a decision to make during this adventure. Do we go back? Do we go on? Will we remember WHERE the snake was while on our way back? We decided to be brave.

We gave the snake a wide detour and kept going.   

The Footbridge at the Eno River

Catch of the Day - Raleigh Moms Blog

Footbridge at the Eno River.

We kept forward to the footbridge at the Eno River. It is a very cool feature at this park. The footbridge is one of those skinny ones that is at least 15 feet above the river and it moves while you’re walking. 

Catch of the Day - Raleigh Moms Blog

Footbridge at the Eno River



After an adventure like this at the Eno River, I told my sweet girl how proud I was of her bravery, curiosity, and appreciation of what nature has in store. 

We look forward to returning to the Eno River and finding our next Catch of the Day and telling our the tale! 


Sometimes in those quiet moments, our kiddos will find their “Catch of the Day”.  What was your child’s most recent Catch of the Day? 

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