Fun Developmental Activities for Little Ones in the Raleigh Area

First let me say, 99% of activities I write about will be free or very low cost. I’d love to say having triplets caused this frugal nature, but I have honestly been a couponer and savings queen since the day before forever. Now, they just present me with new challenges!

Developmental activities for little ones in raleigh - raleigh moms blogFun Developmental Activities for Little Ones in the Raleigh Area

One place that has a ton of free activities for my girls is the local library! Wake County Public Library has a great calendar of events for kids from toddler storytimes, family storytimes, visits from local artists and music groups, Lego challenges and more there is something for everyone to enjoy. Did you know that some locations will help your young readers brush up on their reading skills with a certified therapy dog in the See Spot Read program

Another great place for kids is Marbles Kids Museum (obviously!). I was pleased to find months ago, that they have activities for infants. My 8-month-olds missed the Baby Time Meet-Up in November, but we are registered for January! Baby Time Meet-Up is a staff-facilitated activity. They guide us through creative ways to interact with our babies while exchanging thoughts and ideas with other parents. There are even free treats! My 9-year-old is all over Marbles every chance she gets – no special event needed! For only a $7 admission, she can go as often as she likes!

Developmental activities for Little Ones - Raleigh Moms Blog

Storytimes, nature walks, bookstores and more!

Being a big reader myself, storytime is an activity that’s one of my favorite. I want the girls to love reading like I always have. We read a lot at home, but a few places that provide story time are: NC Museum of Art, NC Museum of Natural Sciences/Prairie Ridge Ecostation (they do a nature walk with a story, as well as storytimes with live animals!), Quail Ridge Books, and Read with Me – A Children’s Book and Art Shop. While my oldest doesn’t do storytimes anymore, she loves going with me to the Scholastic Book Fairs Warehouse. Something about picking out topics and series that she wants appeals to her, and it’s a free trip (except what you decide to spend on books and novelties, of course).



Stream Some Learning Fun for Littles

Now, if you’re someone that would prefer in-house activities, or would like to do a combination of the two – YouTube is your friend! Even when I am engaged in an activity with the girls, I like to have YouTube on in the background (we stream on the television). A few channels that are awesome for babies are LittleBabyBum, ABCKidTV, KidsTV, Little Treehouse, Baby Einstein and of course Sesame Street. There are a lot out there, and they provide lots of fun early learning opportunities.

In addition to the aforementioned activities, we go to parks, make music with homemade instruments (after all, our family is big enough to be a band!), have family dance parties, enjoy game nights, take trips to the pool, etc. The most important aspect is that we do it as a family and enjoy the time spent together!

Have you visited any of these favorite spots?

If so, tell us about it in the comments section below. We love hearing from our readers!

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