Can Screen Time be Beneficial? Great Apps for Kids!

Does anyone else feel a stab of guilt when they hand their small child an electronic device, just to get some peace and quiet for a bit? Screen time doesn’t have to be a passive, zoned-out experience for your child! Here are some great apps that you can feel good about. 

PBS Kids Videos

This free app will keep your child entertained! It’s very easy to navigate and is even good for younger users. It has all the great, educational entertainment you expect from PBS. Kids can watch a variety of videos from their favorite shows and you can relax knowing they’re learning about building character, handling difficult emotions, and the world around them. 

PBS Kids Games

Also from PBS, this free app allows your child to play fun, educational games featuring characters from their favorite shows. The games are appropriate for kids ages 2-8 and encourage learning about science and math, along with creative activities and puzzle solving. And because it’s from PBS, you know it will have high quality content that you can trust! 

Toca Kitchen & Toca Kitchen 2

These fun, free apps are great for learning about different types of food and developing vocabulary involving the kitchen and cooking. They’re more suitable for children under five, but an older child who is interested in cooking will find it fun as well. Kids will develop their fine motor skills as they maneuver these apps, dragging foods from the refrigerator to the stove, microwave, and even the food processor! 


You will feel great about handing a device to your child with this app on it! When you create your account, you’ll answer a few quick questions about your child’s abilities, so that content can be tailored to fit their needs. Kids choose activities in art, music, reading, social studies, and creative problem solving. The bright colors and animation will keep your child engaged and motivated to learn! The app offers a 30-day free trial, and charges $7.99 per month after that for up to four children. 

Happy Color – Color by Number

Does your child love to color? This free app is perfect for them! It allows kids to choose from different categories of pictures including animals, holidays, places, and even simpler pictures for kids. When using the app, your child will practice matching numbers in order to see colors appear in their pictures! This app is best used on a tablet or a phone with a bigger screen, as little fingers might have difficulty touching the smaller sections of the pictures. 

Apps for kids don’t have to be loud and annoying for moms and dads. They can even be educational! Check out some of these apps and add some of your favorites in the comments! 


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