A Different Kind of Date Night

Recently my family went to a live escape room, and it was SO fun. I heard of the concept about a year ago and thought it sounded cool, but I didn’t really know anything about them. In August, my brother in law called me up and told me he had booked an adventure for my sister’s birthday at Tic Toc Escapes in Raleigh. Awesome, I was excited.

After multiple warnings about the importance of being on time, we all arrived on a Sunday evening for our live escape. Once we were all there we were given a rundown of what to expect. We were in a band that was locked in a green room and we only had an hour to get out before we were due on stage. Once we got into the room, we were to look at everything for clues on how to get out.

As I heard the instructions my palms got a little sweaty thinking about being locked in a room. The owner explained he would be able to see us the entire time and be able to communicate with us while we were in the room. In order to “win” we could only ask for 3 clues, but we could ask for clues and help along the way . Our family is a competitive bunch, so it was on! We were determined to be one of 3 groups out of 10 that wins the game.

We were lead to a green room that was decorated with different music related items. He handed us a small box and left. Before he left he did show us an emergency key if someone needed to get out and use the bathroom. Whew, relief, there was a way out! Okay, we’ve got this.

Upon entering we quickly discovered all kinds of things with locks, some with keys and some with combinations. There were clues everywhere and we had to figure out how to work together to put these clues to use. We each began evaluating different areas and everyone made discoveries that ultimately lead to our escape. After 30 minutes we asked for our first clue. By finding bonus items we also earned 3 extra minutes and an extra clue. Ultimately, we made it out without any extra clues, but it did take us 65 minutes. I’m sure if that counts as a win or not, but we had a great time.

A Different Kind of Date Night Raleigh Moms BlogIf you’re looking for something a little different for your next date night, check out a live escape room.



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