6 Daddy Dates You Need to Make Happen this Year!

6 Date Ideas For Dad Raleigh Moms Blog
Since Father’s Day is upon us, it’s always nice to think of some ideas outside of the box for daddies and their littles to hang out with one another. Whether mommy is running errands or taking some time out for herself, it is so very nice to have some ideas for the future. Plan these sporadically, don’t make it a big production as far as scheduling – live a little! Here are a few that are tried and true ideas and I certainly hope they can benefit you!

Breakfast Date

Who doesn’t love a breakfast whether you are at the local diner or a chain, its nice to get out and not have to cook. Yes, I’m talking to the guy who makes his own bacon every Sunday. This is a chance for you to get some one on one time with your little one and while you may have to tell them to mind their manners, its worth the time spent with them alone getting to know them without any interruption. Take a chance to let them order on their own, pick a menu item and even get a fun juice or maybe chocolate milk. Times like these can be made a little extra special if you let them do something out of the ordinary.6 Dates with Dad Raleigh Moms Blog

Date night!

Yes, with your little guy or girl. That’s right, you heard me – this occasion isn’t saved for you and the spouse. Take this opportunity to get all dressed up and spend the night (or until 6:30pm) out on the town! Teach them about the silverware, let them order their own dishes and encourage them to try something new. Hold the door for your little girl and begin to show her what chivalry looks like in this day and age! Little guys could wear a bow-tie or dress up your princess in her favorite dress. 

Gone Fishin’

If you don’t have a boat, grab a fishing pole and take your little guy or girl to a river or lake with some real live bait. That’s right, worms! Watch and have fun while they discover how to bait a hook. Help them learn how to sit quietly and think while they wait for a fish to bite. These little trips not only provide bonding time but also a chance for you to teach them about nature, wildlife and finding a moment of quiet in this chaotic world.


Take a few hours and go downtown to a museum. You can walk to all of the main attractions so park and show them what a museum day in the city looks like – not only will this be educational but allows you to share childhood memories with them. We have so many museums in our city that are truly kid friendly and guess what? You can do this one on a dime! From checking out the dinosaurs to playing in the hockey rink at Marbles – there are so many opportunities to hit up the museums in Raleigh! 


Bowl, baby! It may sound simple, but sometimes these old school games are overlooked when we think of things to do with our little ones. Its a great opportunity for you to be in the zone, concentrate on the game and teaching sportsmanship. Activities like these can start super early – even at age three! Do it right with some bowling alley snacks and if you are really brave get out there when they have disco bowling with fun lights, music, and glow sticks!
Hopefully you can take away some of the ideas here to ensure you get special time with your littles. We are working so hard to be certain they have the best experiences, but we need to live in the moment even if its for an hour. Make Father’s Day more than a June holiday and take your relationship with you kiddos to the next level!
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