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Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Food Raleigh Moms Blog

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Food Ideas

It’s almost turkey time again, but this Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of last year’s meal. Think outside the (stuffing) box and serve up something different this time around. Be sure to prepare your guests in advance so they’re not disappointed that you decided not to offer the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Hopefully […]

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10 Reasons to Love Halloween Raleigh Moms Blog

Ten Reasons To Love Halloween (Even If You Hate It!)

We’re about to enter a marathon of holidays: Halloween first, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and lastly, New Year’s. Some find great joy in all the excitement and merry-making that define this big holiday season that greets us at the end of each year. For others of us, it’s a lot of pressure. Halloween, my favorite holiday […]

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Social Media Christmas Raleigh Moms Blog

Social Media Christmas

On December 26th, I took a moment to check my social media accounts and was immediately greeted by picture upon picture of Christmas celebrations ranging from Christmas Eve gatherings with extended family to intimate Christmas mornings spent with loved ones.  The one common theme that seemed to appear over and over was that, yes, we […]

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