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Reasons you should consider cloth pads Raleigh Moms Blog

Reasons YOU should consider Cloth Pads over Disposables

With green living growing in popularity (thank goodness!), it’s no surprise that there are reusable versions of everything.  From reusable snack bags to cloth paper towels, people everywhere are becoming more interested in eco-conscious products that are also non-toxic and money saving. Believe it or not, reusable menstrual products while they have been growing in […]

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The Rise Of The Manzillion Raleigh Moms Blog

The Rise Of The Manzilian

Have you noticed lately that the new trend with men is facial hair? It’s seems like just about everyone has a beard these days. While the trend in facial hair is growing it out, there is another trend on the rise that you might not be so aware of… Ladies, I am talking about the […]

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Menstrual Cups Raleigh Moms Blog

Let’s Be Real: Menstrual Cups

Let’s get super personal here for a minute ladies and talk about your period.  Meet my friend, the reusable menstrual cup. Before you close your browser and think this is gross, hear me out. It will change the way you think about your period! I have been using a menstrual cup for over 2 years […]

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During Visit Indulge Salon at My Salon Suite in Cary, NC

Indulge Yourself

Before I became a mama, I loved “hair day”. I’d head to the salon, have some beautiful highlights put in, get a fresh new cut, a massage while someone washed my hair, and the best blowout my curly hair has ever seen. Like a lot of moms, doing something for myself rarely happens anymore. I […]

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Top 4 Summer Beauty Essentials Raleigh Moms Blog

Top 4 Summer Beauty Essentials

With summer now in full swing I thought I’d put together a list of a few things that I always stock up on when this time of year comes around. Even though this time of year can be quite unbearable in the weather aspect, the beauty products are quite fun and there’s liable to be […]

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