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Dream Big. Dream Little. Just Dream. Raleigh Moms Blog

Dream Little. Dream Big. Just Dream.

My little boy, N, has a book that’s become a favorite of mine. It’s called, “What Do You Do With An Idea.” Whenever we read it, I get all faraway and dreamy. I get stars in my eyes. Sometimes I even get a little misty. I’m no inventor. I have no grand-never-heard-of ideas. Still. I have a whole bunch […]

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Weekly Family Meeting Raleigh Moms Blog

The Weekly Planning Meeting

A couple of years ago I was working full time and traveling quite a bit as was my husband. We were more like ships passing in the wind. When we got married we already knew communication was our biggest weakness, and the traveling and demands of work and family made it 1,000 times worse, so […]

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The Rise Of The Manzillion Raleigh Moms Blog

The Rise Of The Manzilian

Have you noticed lately that the new trend with men is facial hair? It’s seems like just about everyone has a beard these days. While the trend in facial hair is growing it out, there is another trend on the rise that you might not be so aware of… Ladies, I am talking about the […]

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Marriage: The Communication Gap Raleigh Moms Blog

Marriage: The Communication Gap

My husband and I have been married now for nearly 15 years. We have several friends who have been married for similar length of time. Unfortunately, we are at the point in our lives when some of our friends are separating and divorcing – there is either something about this second decade or there is […]

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It's Not You, It's Me Raleigh Moms Blog

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Let’s talk about sex after baby….let’s talk about you and me….let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be… (sorry, I always have a song in my head) Over the last couple of years, my sex life has had a series of ups and downs (pun intended.) After our third […]

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