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Reasons you should consider cloth pads Raleigh Moms Blog

Reasons YOU should consider Cloth Pads over Disposables

With green living growing in popularity (thank goodness!), it’s no surprise that there are reusable versions of everything.  From reusable snack bags to cloth paper towels, people everywhere are becoming more interested in eco-conscious products that are also non-toxic and money saving. Believe it or not, reusable menstrual products while they have been growing in […]

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#feelinghopeful Raleigh Moms Blog


At the beginning of this year, I’d just emerged from two weeks of pneumonia. It was the second Christmas in a row that I’d been ill over the holiday, and the second new year that I was entering while in a state of convalescence. Regardless, a group of friends and I had planned a 1940s-themed […]

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A Leap of Faith Raleigh Moms Blog

A Leap of Faith

I took a leap of faith. I stood looking up about 15 feet at a strange square metal box sitting at the beginning of a long track. They call this the “rolling dice”. They are the Ninja Warriors. Nestled in the backyard of a man with the strongest Southern accent I’ve heard and the friendliest […]

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