Raleigh Moms Blog is well, a blog for moms. More than just an awesome site providing entertaining content to moms in the Triangle and throughout the country, we hope to be a positive representation of the city we love!

We are passionate about Raleigh, the Triangle and the moms who live here. When you read RMB, you won’t just hear one voice. You will hear the collective voices of moms all over the Triangle. Our contributors are business owners, working moms (both in and outside the home), volunteers, athletes, wives and single mamas doin’ it for themselves!

Whether you have lived in Raleigh all your life or just moved into the area, let this be a place you can come and find peace, knowing there are plenty of other moms out there, just like YOU! Our goal is to bring this great community of moms together, so lets have some fun!

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